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Training Packages

Baby Board
$1000 horse/$850 Pony

Breaking Board/Lesson Fee
$1,350 horse/$1,100 pony per Month

Full board is customized to the competition horse and includes hay, grain, stall, blanketing and turnout. Baby board is designed for horses and ponies, ages 6 months to 3 years who need basic handling and training, along with an introduction to lunging after 2 years old.   Horse showing in hunter breeding classes is optional (see additional costs below).  Baby board includes, but not limited to, training to tie, load, clip, bathe, lead & stand for vet/farrier.  All feed/hay/supplements included.  Farrier, worming, shots and other vet expenses are billed directly to the owner.

Horse showing fees:

Pre-show bathing, clipping & grooming: $50.00

Braiding:  Market Rate (approx $55 mane/$35 tail)

Daily Handling at shows: $100.00 Includes all classes and daycare while at show.

Hauling:  Call for quotes, depends on # of horses traveling & location.


Training board is for horses/ponies 2.5 years or older and includes ALL aspects of breaking a young horse for riding, primarily for the hunter discipline.  Our program is designed for the initial 30-60 days of undersaddle training, when a SOLID foundation is most crucial.  Each young horse is developed at thoughtful and careful pace, based on the needs of both the horse/pony and the owner.  Lunging and ground driving are essential elements in our basic training, as is trail riding and an introduction to jumping via a chute.

Training is up to 5 days a week, both undersaddle and on the ground.  Feed/hay/supplements also included.

We also offer lessons on boarded horses and training rides.

$55 per hour for lessons

$45 per training/schooling ride

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